Kelly O’Dwyer down to 44%

We’re not surprised, and a little bit cheerful, actually.


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From The Australian (Glenda Korporaal)

Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer could come under further pressure next week with a meeting planned for Monday night in her electorate of Higgins to protest against the Federal Government’s proposed superannuation changes.

Melbourne QC Jack Hammond, who has attacked the proposed changes as “manifestly unfair and unreasonable” and “undermining trust in government”, said he had deliberately chosen the Malvern Town Hall, in O’Dwyer’s electorate of Higgins, to hold the meeting.

Mr Hammond announced the formation of his Save Our Super movement at a seminar on superannuation for barristers and solicitors in Melbourne last week calling on the government to protect existing superannuation balances from the sweeping changes announced on Budget night.

Mr Hammond said he believed anger amongst traditional Liberal Party supporters in the seat of Higgins could further undermine support for Ms O’Dwyer who has been one of the key architects of the changes which were announced on Budget night.

A new poll released this week by Lonergan Research showed that O’Dwyer’s primary vote has gone down significantly from 54.37 per cent in the 2013 election to only 44.1 per cent now, with Greens candidate Jason Ball coming in second with a primary vote of 24 per cent and the ALP’s Carl Katter with 18.5 per cent.

Mr Hammond said he expected there could be several hundred people at the rally next week including barristers, solicitors, retirees and business people, many of whom would be traditional Liberal Party supporters.

“People are angry and dismayed at the Federal Government’s proposed changes to superannuation,” Mr Hammond told the Australian.

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